Things to know before playing this game

8 Ball Pool is one of the simplest games, and it needs some proper concentration for making the ball fall into the pocket. But there are some unknown things which you still don’t know about this game. This is an addictive game which you can play on your Android or iOS devices. You can easily download them from the stores and start playing it. Learning some tricks can easily increase your skills. As the game mainly focuses on billiards so learning some rules about it can also help you to improve the game. This is a motion sensor game, so it will take some time to become comfortable with the controls.

Unknown things about this game

Aiming: In this game, you can easily get close while potting the ball, then you will need very low time for lining up all the shots. Coins are required for certain options, so it’s obviously easier to win by using a hack. So at first, you will have to activate the tap on Aim option from the settings menu. Now all you have to do is tap your finger on the particular ball which you want to pocket, and just like the magic, there will be a reposition of the cue. This option will get handy once you start potting the balls. You can easily tap the screen instead of dragging them with the finger for going to the position. It will lineup these shots perfectly so you will have to make the required adjustment. As it can save you a lot of time so does not rush during the crucial shots.

Cash: You can earn the resources in every 30 minutes as well as spin the wheel for getting mystery boxes and more resources. So do not spend money on getting the resources and instead perform this step.

Vibrating: If you are someone who is very much busy but still like to play this game then you can easily turn on the vibrating mode. Whenever the turn of your opponent will end, and the play will be switched to you, then the mobile will automatically vibrate so that you won’t miss the shot.

No guidelines: If you don’t want any guidelines during the game then it is an option which will help you to practice when you are offline. In this way, you will familiarise yourself with the rules of this game. So you can disable the guidelines while playing in offline mode.

Controls: You will get two options from the settings menu. One is the orientation of power bar and location of power bars. This will help to shift the power when it appears during the game. Even though you are very much used to with the current position but moving them can also improve your game.

Sensitivity: For many players resizing the shot becomes quite tricky because controlling the cue is a bit sensitive. Many players say that the cue is not too sensitive. So you can easily change the sensitivity as it can easily improve your playing.

Focus mode: The blue button which shines is the focus mode. It helps to remove all the distractions so that you can play the game with full concentration. It can increase efficiency by 73%.

These are some unknown tricks that will help you to play the game properly. It is a popular game so you will get millions of player that can compete with you with their stick. With time you will be able to master all the skills of this game. You can also try 8 ball pool cheats for gaining more resources, and you should also log into the game every day for getting more resources.